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In history class lenny told us to an essay about the positive and negative in 1920s

The 1920s was a decade that has a lot of changes in the economic and in the technology. But also ha bad and good things. In 1920s the the good things that happened in USA were: Prohibition: It was good … Sigue leyendo

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In class of literature our teacher Patricia told us to do an essay of “Composed Upon Westminster Bridge”. First the writer talks about the city of London, how it is, how is the people, the nature and other things. He … Sigue leyendo

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Our teacher of Language, Pilar Pando, told us to write a letter from Patsy to her family telling them how she was planning to escape. My group Tomas Anania. Dear relatives, I’m writing to you because I’m planning to escape … Sigue leyendo

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