History work

In our last History class our teacher asked us to answer some questions.
1. The video start talking about how the League of Nations failed with its aims. In my opinion the connection between the League of Nations and the opening scenes in Poland are to show the consequences (WW2) of the failed of the League of Nations.
2. Problems: A) It didn’t have resources to exploit. B) Was realised on international networks to report its goods. C) Unemployment was high. D) Agriculture was in a really hard condition.
3. The role was a really important one because it also control the education system and the administered the martial art techniques.
4. The leaders of Japan believe that the East territory would benefit Japan a lot.
5. It was a high value for the Japan because Japanese troops would stay there and it was rich in resources.
7. The league decided to despite Victor Bulletin after Mudken’s incident.
8. Japan decided to leave the League. Japan successfully took Manchuria.

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  1. Lenny dijo:

    Good overall, Juani. Go over questions 6 and 7 to complete and correct them.

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