Yellow Wall Paper

1. What the woman in the yellow Wall paper was a ghost. She had a post part depression that made her go mad, that’s why, she saw a ghost on the yellow paper. On the other hand, the story of Virginia Woolf, “The Mark on the Wall”, the persona could see “of the crimson flag flapping from the castle tower came into my mind, and I thought of the cavalcade of red knights riding up the side of the black rock” on her imagination while she saw the smoke of her cigarrete and the mark of the wall. But at the end what both woman saw reflected on the wall was a fancy, a product of their imagination.
2. In the story “The Yellow Wall Paper” by the author, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the women believe she was seeing a ghost projected on the yellow wall paper.
3. The woman of the story “The Yellow Wall Paper” had no control over her attitudes, feelings, ideas and thoughts. She is wrapped in her imagination or in her “fancy”. That is why she thought there was a ghost on the wall and she began to have no control over her body, started to break the wall paper and crowing all over the floor. That is the “mystery of life: the inaccuracy of thought! The ignorance of humanity! To show how very little control over possessions we have”.

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