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French Revolution

In our history class Lenny told us to do a timeline about the FR, here is mine French Revolution 2

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In our History class we are studying the French Revolution. I order to that we were assigned in pairs to work with one of the characters that participate on the French Revolution. I worked with Tomas Anania and our character … Sigue leyendo

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To the Evening Star

In our Literature class we were assigned to analyse three poems related to the “Romantic Era”. I worked with Tomas Anania and the poem that we worked on was “To the Evening Star” by William Blake. Here is our presentation. … Sigue leyendo

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Endocryne system

In our Biology class we have been studying the Endocryne System. After learning some of its characteristics, we were asked to answer some questions in groups. I worked with Tomas Anania. Hormone: is a chemical substance produced by a gland, … Sigue leyendo

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