yellow wall paper

As Salman Rushdie once said, “Literature is where I go to explore the highest and lowest places in human society and in the human spirit, where I hope to find not absolute truth but the truth of the tale, of the imagination and of the heart.” The Yellow Wallpaper explores the english society in the 19th century in depth and denounces it.

Firstly, denounces positivism which is the state or quality of being positive; definiteness; assurance. This was to big importance for society in the 19th century since everything was tested and proven with science, yet nothing was left to the emotions or beliefs if abnormal. “temporary nervous depression _ a slightly hysterical tendency.” She believes him because “he is a physician of high standing” so “what can one do?” The writer uses irony as if she had no right to think she could be right because what she feels she has can not be proven with what it is studied.

Secondly, She had a post part depression that made her go mad, that’s why, she saw a ghost on the yellow paper. On the other hand, the story of Virginia Woolf, “The Mark on the Wall”, the persona could see “of the crimson flag flapping from the castle tower came into my mind, and I thought of the cavalcade of red knights riding up the side of the black rock” on her imagination while she saw the smoke of her cigarrete and the mark of the wall. But at the end what both woman saw reflected on the wall was a fancy, a product of their imagination.

Finally, He ignored her when she wanted to express herself, “…John would not hear of it”, and told him what she really needed, what she really was going through, but there was no case. Without the point of view of the diseased, it is very difficult to know exactly what goes through that person’s mind and spirit

To conclude, it is evident that the writer of this novel criticizes some aspects in the english society of the 19th century like positivism and the role of women. It is able to do so throught the transition of the protagonist, her sickness, irony, contrast of the relationship of the husband and wife and through literary resources.

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